The Boys [NSW]

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Friday, 6th January 2012 - Saturday, 3rd March 2012

Brett Sprague’s just out of jail. Reunited with his mum Sandra and brothers Glenn and Stevie, he’s ready to reclaim his life. But things have changed while Brett’s been inside. Girlfriend Michelle may have moved on, Glenn’s moved out and Stevie’s about to be a dad.

As Brett’s disruptive force takes hold, tensions flare and Brett embarks on a drink-fuelled rampage, sweeping his brothers along with him – with terrifying consequences.

Twenty-one years ago, audiences were lining the streets to see the original Griffin production of The Boys. Since then, it’s become a classic of the Australian stage and screen, winning along its way an AWGIE and four AFI Awards.

Following the success of his sold out production of Speaking in Tongues, Artistic Director Sam Strong re-imagines another Griffin classic for a new generation and Sydney Festival.

A powerful, dangerous, visceral descent into the darker parts of our city and our selves.

WARNINGS: This production contains offensive language, adult themes and the use of herbal cigarettes.

Join us for ‘We Need To Talk About The Boys’ – a forum featuring artists from the film and play. Click here for more info.

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