Seeking Work Experience 25th-29th June for a Year 10 Student (Melbourne)

Hello I am searching for work experience in any aspect of the theatre I have acted on stage but have yet to learn how a production is put together and would really love to be apart of a team in creating a project if anyone would like to contact me i would really appreciate it. My name is Savanna Fanfulla and my contact number is 0417 101 332 thanks


Work Experience

Hi there - is there any possibility for you to be able to change your work experience timeframe, as KIDZ ACT might be able to offer you some work experience in May? We will be staging Beauty and the Beast JR. and as a drama school, we give people (of all ages) the opportunity to come and explore all avenues of theatre they are interested in, to learn, and to have a go. Your innital timeframe is when we are going through a casting stage for our next show, which won't be of huge value to learning how a show comes together.

If you can switch dates, let me know by shooting through an email and we'll have a chat from there. Thanks, Callum

Hi Callum i cant believe i

Hi Callum i cant believe i missed my replies to this forum altogether i am new to blogging and thought i would be notified of a reply to my message it seems i have missed the deadlines altogether thanks for getting back to me when you did...Unfortunately our June dates are quite concrete i may be able to change it by a week. Once again thanks for getting back to me.

Theatre work experience

Hi Savannah,
It's great that you're looking for theatre work experience (and I get how hard it is to find daytime theatre work experience in a particular week! Ended up having to change my work experience dates last year.) For work experience in a specific school-mandated week, I suggest you try La Mama - pretty sure they run work experience year round. Also check out: MTC (though I think you may have missed their deadline), St Martins Youth Arts Centre (they definitely used to take work experience kids, not sure if they are this year), Opera Victoria, and some of the theatre in education companies (like the ones that visit different schools to perform shows).
On another note, I kind of worry about you publishing your phone number online! For something like this usually leaving your email will suffice.
Anyway, I wish you luck in your search for work experience, and your future theatre career! Chookas!

Hi Effie i wasnt notified

Hi Effie i wasnt notified when you posted your reply and i apologise for not getting back to you earlier thanks so much for your reply i have tried La Mama and have yet to hear from them.... I will try St Martins tomorrow in total i have contacted approx 30 places involving theatre & tv entertainment i am starting to lose hope :( Thanks for the telephone number tip not sure how i can remove it now.

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So the lesson here is...

So the lesson here is - Don't post anonymously (make sure you register as a user with valid email address etc) and tick the "notify me when new comments are posted" tick box at the bottom of your comment.



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Lesson definately learnt!

Hughsy a costly mistake on my part one that may have cost me dearly thank you to Effie and Callum for your replies I best go and make some more calls hopefully i can get a placement before next Tues otherwise i may be placed in fish and chip shop AGHHHHH!!

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Help Savanna

Let's see if we can get some work experience for you.  Who wants to save Savanna from the world of deep fried Mars bars???


If you make your dates 1 week

If you make your dates 1 week later you can help with ARC's Jekyll & Hyde prod week for the lighting team at Banyule Theatre in Heidelberg
Or 2 weeks after your original dates, lighting for Waterdales Into The Woods at Rivergum theatre in Bundoora

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Thank you so very much Hughesy and Danny for your time and effort unfortunately the weeks after my original dates i will be rehearsing for my school musical I am so bummed they sound like fantastic productions to have been involved in! And Hughsey i will give Meg from Echolon a call tomorrow thanks so much! :)

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Hi Savanna, My pro Theatre

Hi Savanna,

My pro Theatre in Education touring company (based in Hughesdale, Melbourne - near Chadstone) will be in rehearsal week for 2 casts of the World premieres of these original Australian musicals:

"No Bears" based on the picture book by Meg McKinlay & Leila Rudge & published by Walker Books, "2012 CBCA Shortlisted Picture Book of the Year";

"Bungawitta" based on the Younger Reader's novel by Emily Rodda & Craig Smith, published by Scholastic Books, "2012 CBCA Shortlisted Younger Reader's book of the Year";

- The shows will be touring VIC, NSW, ACT, TAS & QLD from July to September;
- The shows are written by me ("Tony Bones" Appleby), with music by me & award winning Musical Directors Luke Hunter & Tim Smith;
- In that week you would have access to rehearsals, choregraphy, set building, props, puppet design & construction, costume design & sourcing, marketing - we could give you a pretty good overview of how an original musical is developed.
- We have had work experience students with us before through this period and I'm a qualified secondary Drama & Dance teacher.

If you are keen then email me at or call 1300 308 311.



"Tony Bones" Appleby B.Ed
Tony Bones Entertainment "Children's Theatre by Qualified Teachers"

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I have found work experience!

Thanks Hughsey for all your help with posting on the fb page, I am going to work with Tony from Tony Bones Entertainment its awesome he has everything I am looking to learn and more!!

Thanks Tony will see you soon!! :)

This goes to show just how

This goes to show just how wonderful the Melbourne theatre community is! It really warms me that so many people are willing to help a fellow thespian in need!

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