Another Musical Theatre Open Mic night? Piano Bar? Keys!

Hey there all you theatre-minded musical folk,

I remember a while ago there was this great open mic night in Collingwood called 'Piano Bar' where someone had organised an accompanist and a huge pile of sheet music, and others would simply rock up and sing a song of their choosing. People would arrive with their own music, or pick something from the pile, and the accompanist would just go ahead and play it! It was incredible! I remember hearing all sorts of different performers getting up and singing, and in particular how much fun everyone had and how supportive the atmosphere was...

So, this night ended, and I never noticed anything else similar re-surface (at least not in a suburb as central and easy to access as Collingwood, nor on a regular basis rather then a once off).


'Keys' is a new Music Theatre Open Mic night held in Carlton EVERY Sunday at 7pm and runs just like I described above! Its been going for 4 weeks now and crowd numbers have been growing each week!

Here's the link:

We've heard people sing songs from Wicked, Bare, Legally Blonde, Spring Awakening, Cabaret, Chicago and Into the Woods (just to name a few).

Best part is IT'S FREE and there are some great bar specials, like $12 burgers and $15 cocktail JUGS!

I was wondering if anybody else had heard about this night and maybe wanted to come down but hadn't yet for whatever reason, and also if anyone HAD gone to Keys, if they had any comments about how it was ran?


Treble Clef in Chirnside Park

Treble Clef in Chirnside Park have had a musical theatre open mic night every Sunday for months.

location location location

The Clyde is nice and close to civilization, though ;)

A Great Night

Just a quick note to say that I went along last night to Keys and it is truly a great night. A very supportive and fun crowd and a great "get-to-know-you" opportunity. Hopefully this will continue to grow and become a really important part of the Melbourne scene.

Excellent job done by the organisers!

Theatre open mic nights treble clef

Just wanted to let you know that open mic theatre nights have been going on every Sunday night of the year for nearly 4years now at treble clef. For those that don't live in town and for all of us living in the eastern suburbs then treble clef is the place.very Sunday night 7pm. Great food, drinks at bar prices! Don't need to bring your own music as we have hundreds of songs and theatre books to pick from.


Hi Everyone,
Keys - Music Theatre Open Mic Night will be finishing up next week. It won't be running this Sunday because its Mothers Day (go home and spend it with her...sing her a song, she thinks you have a lovely voice), but the week after (Sunday 20th May) will be our FINAL event.

The good news: IT'LL BE DISNEY THEMED.

That's right, come down to The Clyde and belt out your favorite tunes from Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid and any of the other Disney Classics. People are already showing great excitement on our Facebook page!

Sunday 20th May - DISNEY KEYS - 7pm (Be early, it's gonna fill quick!)

Is it finishing forever? How

Is it finishing forever? How come? :(

Hey! Thanks for being upset!

Hey! Thanks for being upset! lol It won't be the last Keys ever, but the weekly event will be finishing up. Other commitments have come up, and Keys will happen on a more ad-hoc basis, special one-off's etc :D

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