Mark Watson and Sammy J & Randy

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Saturday, 2nd April 2011 (All day)

Mark Watson and Sammy J & Randy at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

A practical, often amusing, always insightful and pragmatic look at what individuals can do - thus is a Mark Watson evening.
After being named one of the 50 funniest people in Britain by the London times, Mark Watson makes his return to the Melbourne International Comedy festival with his most critically acclaimed and personal show to date. 
Being a self proclaimed ‘fast talker’ you get the added advantage of double the jokes in his 60 minute show. With the jokes constantly flowing the laughter from the audience can be heard throughout the entire show, some louder than others!
The show beings even before you’re even in your seat with Watson on stage communicating with the audience through his laptop, which is being projected on the big screen. This was a clever way of keeping the waiting audience amused, as the late comers help up the actual start of the show.
Once the show officially starts Mark takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride through his life, in which he expresses his concerns with not leading a significant life. However, with a career that is only going up I don’t think he has anything to worry about. He talks about becoming a father, ‘stunning’ bathrooms, drunken strangers on a train and his obsession with British illusionist Derren Brown.
If you are looking for a comedy show that is quick witted, relaxed and absolutely hysterical then Mark Watson is definitely the comedian to see. And in the end there wasn’t even a Kangaroo...
*Reviewed April 1 at the Forum
After storming the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2010, Sammy J & Randy return for another human-puppet-musical-comedy extravaganza!
Looking for something different this comedy festival? Love a good musical comedy and want to your stomach to hurt from laughter? Then Bin Night presented by Sammy J and Randy is the audience you need to be in! Just when you thought puppets were for kids, a show like this comes along that makes you realise that’s not true! 
We have all heard of it before, and I’m sure most of us have even done it before. Its Bin night, your bin is full, so you sneak to your neighbours bin in the darkness hoping not to be seen. Sammy J and Randy are the poor neighbours who keep getting extra bags in their bin. In an effort to catch the culprit they stage a good old fashioned steak out.
As the night progresses we hear about, Randys love interest, soufflés, secrets in the bin, security companies, life juice and a multitude of different meats. Possums, donkeys, life size hot dogs and dancing watermelons even make an appearance. This show really has it all!
Even though Randy may be a puppet, just a look from him can make you burst into laughter. And the chemistry between Sammy j and Randy is comedy gold. Cues were missed, sound cues were off and lines were forgotten, but none of that mattered. If anything it made the performance all that more enjoyable. Those moments were priceless.
This show is a great example of comic timing at its best. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house from all the laughter.
And who knew we would start the night at the Vic hotel and end up in Peru!
*Reviewed April 2 at the Vic Hotel