No Recording for Zhivago

The Australian office of Playbill today announced the disappointing news that the proposed recording of Doctor Zhivago will not be going ahead.
After an out of town tryout in Sydney, Doctor Zhivagoopened with mixed to excellent reviews in Melbourne on 14 April. The Age gave the production five stars. Interested fans could fill out a form requesting that they receive information about the cast recording of the new musical. Today these fans received the news they did not want to hear – that the recording is cancelled.
Following on from the recording of the Australian cast of Mary Poppins, another cast album could have seen the return of a trend to record Australian productions. The fact that it was a new musical would have added to the interest, which would have included international music theatre lovers as well. Another attraction of the recording would have been the presence of leading man Anthony Warlow, a highly successful recording artist in his own right.
The only tracks that will be available from Doctor Zhivago are the two that were previously released: “Now”, and “On The Edge of Time”, both which feature Warlow and co-star Lucy Maunder. Theatre People featured these as downloads back in February.
Is there a market for Australian recordings? Are illegal downloads killing the cast recording industry. Hopefully some of our future productions will be preserved for ongoing listening pleasure.
Below is the text sent out by Playbill on 7 June 2011:
Dear Sir/Madam,
We thank you for registering your interest in the planned Australian cast recording of Doctor Zhivago. Unfortunately the producers of this show have decided not to proceed with this recording. We realise this must be very disappointing for you.
The producers are however making available two songs from the show as free downloads from the Doctor Zhivago website –  Or if you would prefer to have the sampler CD with the same two songs, please contact the GFO office – and they will post one to you.