VIDEO: La Cage Aux Folles: Opening Night

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Check out audience and cast feedback for the opening night of La Cage!


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James is sought over his extensive experiences in filming live theatre. He has had the opportunity to film for some of Australia’s leading professional theatre productions such as LEGALLY BLONDE, WICKED, JERSEY BOYS, MOONSHADOW, GREASE and the world premiere of KING KONG: THE MUSICAL to name a few. This includes video features and interviews with talent including GEOFFREY RUSH, ROB MILLS, ANTHONY WARLOW, HUGH SHERIDAN, TODD MCKENNEY and CAT STEVENS. Most recently James has filmed full DVD productions for ‘FREEWAY: The Chet Baker Story’ staring TIM DRAXYL and ‘MOTHER, WIFE and the COMPLICATED LIFE’ with AMITY DRY. James also has experience in filming Weddings, Real Estate, Adverts and Short Films including his cinematographer debut for BRICK ROAD (2012) which screened at the ASTOR CINEMA December 2012. He has also had the privilege of getting his work aired on CH7, including the 7PM PROJECT and THE MORNING SHOW. His stage credits include a MTGV commendation for Willard Hewitt 'FOOTLOOSE' (Panorama), nominated MTGV Best Male Dance Ensemble 'PIPPIN' (Waterdale) and Lyrebird nomination for 'Best Number in a Variety' playing Rudolpho from Matilda the Musical (OTG)

The musical is not based on

The musical is not based on 'The Birdcage', rather the other way around!

Quite right Rhyder - there

Quite right Rhyder - there was initially a french film on which the musical was based but 'The Birdcage', the version that most people are aware of is its latter incarnation.