• I’ve just sat down at a table in the middle of a bar and started sipping a glass of absinthe. Around me, stunning waitresses in sequined... read more >
  • Victoria's Amateur Theatre has once again reached our favourite time of year, when productions and performances that rate highly for the art... read more >
  • PITFIT Open day!

    News Flash

    Austraian Musical Theatre superstar Josh Piterman has created an industry geared personal training studio for performers.  In fact, it's... read more >
  • Passion


      For its maiden voyage, new music theatre enterprise Life Like Company has chosen a vessel that is arguably maestro Stephen Sondheim’... read more >

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  • My uncle is needing to remove an old upright piano from his home in Burwood and I was wondering if... read more
  • A Sydney independent theatre icon needs your support to prevent the Sydney City Council from... read more
  • Seeking men and women for Port Melbourne-based Cadence Choir, where all the members are above... read more
  • Hello TP community I have a question for you folk. Having been somewhat drowned by my current job... read more
  • Impromptunes Skills Workshop Day

    - Louisa Fitzhardinge

    After a successful season at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, Impromptunes is running two workshops... read more
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